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A thought leader, experienced coach and mentor, writer, counsellor & unshakable optimist dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in and from your life.

I'm Morgan Fackrell thank you for checking in

We have all had a couple of difficult and challenging years. And although we can see light at the end of the tunnel we are going to be dealing with the legacy of trauma that living through the Pandemic has caused for some time to come.

You may be considering coaching because you recognise the need to make changes in your life.  Or changes have been forced on you.  I’d like you to consider taking a first small step with me.  Let’s talk, use my offer of a free discovery session, and let’s start planning the journey to your best life.  

We never know what is waiting around the corner.

Being prepared to meet whatever life throws in our path, good or bad, challenging or life affirming, is the work that I am here to help you with. 

And to support you choose your own path, your own goals – to become who you really want to be and live your best life

I have spent most of my adult work life leading, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams and it has given me  the opportunity to develop not only my skills but also my insight and intuition. Personal development has always been really important to me and critical to support my work with others.

As such I’ve continued my own self awareness and development work using mentors and my own coach as well as continuous learning.  My most recent training was a refresher for NLP.  I hold a masters certificate already in NLP,  but its important to continue to care for, sharpen the tools, in my toolbox and keep them current.

I have trained in and effectively used a wide range of coaching methodologies which means I can craft our journey together to meet your individual needs, you won’t need to fit any particularly coaching style or approach.

My hypnotherapy training will help strengthen our mindfulness work, with anxiety and stress and visualising your goals.  But if that isn’t your thing we can certainly work in different ways to create the space you deserve.

The Leadership Circle tool offers in depth analysis and framework for working on your tendencies and behaviors 

I am fully trained in the use of the DiSC psychometric profiles and will use them as part of our work

I am an ACEVO mentor

As we settle into the new 'normal' this is a great moment to reset, review and renew

If you give me the opportunity to work with you I can absolutely guarantee you will have the breakthroughs you need to make the changes you want. 

I have often wondered what I would write to a younger version of myself if I could send a letter across time.   What I’ve come to realise is that sending a message to my future self, every day, through my decisions, choices and actions is what will really give me the  life I want to live.

By actively working towards my goals every day means I am being my authentic self and choosing the life I want to live right in this moment. 

My ultimate goal is to empower you with the confidence to trust yourself; and give you the tools to use every day to be who you truly are.


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